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Our clinic provides the highest quality medical care through accurately diagnosing the very cause of the problem and treating with the right precise methods.
Back, shoulder, and arthritis pain, and other types of pain
Digestive system disorders- Indigestion, abdominal pain, heartburn, and etc
Stress, Insomnia, and neurological disorders
Needle free Acupuncture
For those who are afraid of needles, we provide needleless acupuncture.
Injuries and complications from a motor-vehicle accident (musculoskeletal and visceral injuries)
A motor-vehicle accident does not only cause musculoskeletal injury but also affects internal organs. Minor hidden visceral problems surface following a car accident.
Our treatment targets both external and internal injuries.
Our unique 4-step

treatment course


20 minutes of Qi massage by an expert
(Mr. Jung has been extensively trained and mastered the skill, and has been practising it for decades. He manipulates the flow of Qi energy through the body.


Cupping on abdomen and back- No puncturing of skin or bleeding involved. This is to remove bad energy from the body and to encourage good energy to circulate in the body.


Acupuncture. Consisted of 3 components; Enhancement of overall circulation, curing of the root cause, and relief of the symptoms.


10 minutes of table massage for muscle relaxation


  • I visited Healing Touch Clinic for the pain in my fingers. As I am intolerant to cold temperature, Vancouver was a hostile place except for 2 summer months of the year. I had to wear thick underwear to deal with this problem. Thanks to Mr. Jung, now I live a new life. He said my condition was due to frail digestive tract system and impaired circulation. After about 10 sessions of treatment of acupuncture and massages, my whole body condition improved and normalized. Now, I don’t need to wear bulky underwear any longer. Additionally, indigestion is no longer a problem.

    Myeongsoo Kim
  • I had been suffering multiple Digestive tract problems such as chronic gastritis, Helicobacter infections, and duodenal ulcers etc, for about 20 years. Thus I lived with multiple drugs like antacids, analgesics, and antibiotics to deal with those problems. Heartburn was my constant companion and the pain even radiated to my back.

    A friend who knew of my affliction introduced me to Healing Touch Clinic. I’ve been treated twice a week for 8 weeks. Heartburn and abdominal cramps have stopped. My appetite improved. People even compliment now that my complexion brightened. Mr. Jung’s herbal prescriptions enhanced my overall body condition and, this in turn, elevated my mood and enthusiasm. I am very pleased of the results and I regret I did not see Mr. Jung sooner. Should I meet him earlier, I could have avoided unnecessary pain all those times. Thank you Mr Jung and Healing touch Clinic. Your hands are in deed healing, and your touch is truly healing touch.

    Mija Kim
  • I went to Healing touch Clinic for the pain in my left arm. Mr. Jung understood the very bottom of my pain and treated in a way I have never experienced anywhere else, either Chinese clinics or conventional doctor’s offices. This was a total new sphere of treatments which involved Qi massages and acupuncture. Mr. Jung saw things in my shoes and understood what I desperately needed and wanted. His knowledge and skills accompanied by caring and compassionate nature not only cured my arm, but also enhanced my overall health status greatly.

    Meesun Kim
  • I visited the clinic after having been involved in a motor vehicle accident. A close acquaintance introduced me to the clinic. I found the treatment and medical advice extremely helpful and reliable. I was treated for my back, shoulders, neck and ears. Throughout the process, it was obvious that my needs were the priority and that the practitioner really cared for my well-being and recovery. He was careful in assessing my condition throughout and provided needed treatments. I highly recommend the clinic to anyone.

    Hong Jun
  • My stomach was hurting so bad a few months ago so I went to the Emergency and got checkup but they said they don’t know why my stomach was hurting. So i went to the family doctor and got checkup again but nothing showed up. But I had a stomachache quite often and when it happens it’s really bad - to the point I need to kneel down or lie down grabbing my stomach. So I went to the healing touch acupuncture to meet the doctor and after he did the checkup he kindly explained why my stomach was hurting and did acupunture. It was my first time getting acupunture so I was very afraid and nervous but really my stomach was getting better and better and I finally was able to eat hard food as well, so I kept going. Now I am so well! My stomach has not been hurting since then! So thank you very much Dr.Jung!!!

    Sun Young Kim
  • I have been a patient at this clinic for a few months now and it’s the single best treatment I have ever had. R TCM P. Woo Suk Jung is a true healer. He has helped me with acute pain situations on short notice and I see noticeable results from his ongoing care. Do yourself a favour and give your mind, body & spirit some love

    Sarah Prittie Tse
  • The service and help I’m receiving here is definetly the best care I have ever experienced from a doctor. Dr Woo Suk Jung is exceptional, the treatment is so thorough, relaxing and I am so grateful I found this wonderful Doctor .Dr Woo Jung is intuitive and gives 110% out of 100%. I can not recommend this clinic enough. I cannot imagine better service and care any where in the whole world! I am phobic of needles but this Doctor is so good at it I am able to totally relax and even fall a sleep. Every visit I am so grateful to receive all the help and support I receive here. At the end of treatment the table gives an awesome massage. I love this place. Thank you Dr Woo Jung your the best!

    Shelley Chamberland
  • I am a registered nurse educated in the United States. I did not have much faith in acupuncture or oriental medicine. Last summer I had severe back pain and my general practitioner doctor could not offer much for the pain. So as a last resource, I went to Healing Touch Acupuncture. I went into the clinic in agony, unable to keep my body upright. But only after the initial session, I came out of the clinic walking straight without needing to hold anything.I had a few more sessions and since then my back has not bothered. Then last December, I had excruciating pain in my right shoulder. I could not abduct my arm even an inch from the trunk as that caused so much pain.

    I went to ER. The diagnosis was calcific tendonitis. The ER doctor only suggested pain killers and physiotherapy. I came home with the same pain. There, I went to see Dr. Jung again. Just one session of acupuncture and massage, my pain improved significantly. I had a few more subsequent sessions and my shoulder is pain free now with full range of motion.   Dr. Jung is very knowledgeable. While performing the treatments, he kindly explained pathophysiology of my shoulder pain in terms of oriental medicine, and how the pressure massage worked to repair the damage, which made a lot of sense to my western medical knowledge. Now I am a believer of oriental medicine, especially in Dr. Jung’s hands. Healing Touch is such a fitting name for the clinic.

    The price is very reasonable.

    Jane Choi
  • After I had a vehicle accident, I visited Healing touch acupuncture here for treatment of my neck, shoulders, back, headache in pains. My husband recommended me that helped me so much. My insomnia is almost gone. I have visited some chiropractors but it did not work at all. I definitely recommend Healing touch acupungture & herbal clinic. Thank you so much for excellent treatment.

    J W
  • I am in the final stage of lung cancer. I was told to prepare death on March 2017 and discharged from the hospital. Dr. Jung’s treatment help to improve organ functions and immunity. As a results, my cancer medication is more effective.My oncologist told me to keep doing whatever I do because the cancer is sleeping. It’s January 2019.

    I found Dr. Jung to be very honest, Knowledgeable and sensitive doctor who can detect any abnormality of a patient’s body and he treats them with qigong massage, cupping and acupuncture.I feel very fortunate and thankful. I strongly recommend Dr. Jung to anyone who has any medical concerns.

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Mr. Jung’s Experiences

Studied Animal Science and Resources in Seoul National University

Doctorate in Chinese medicine in Won-Kwang University (as opposed to majority of acupuncturists in most Chinese clinics in Vancouver area who just possess only a diploma)

Experiences on variety of diseases and illnesses through studies on over 150,000 people for 16 years.

Combination of traditional chinese medicine with Qi massage.

Healing Touch Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine since April 2018.

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ICBC Claim

As of April 1, 2019, ICBC Injury claims up to 12 weeks of treatments will be hassle free. They can be processed directly in the clinic. So you don’t have to pay in advance and apply for reimbursement later.

Extended Health Care

We will process your claims directly to most major insurance providers.

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